Fukuda Oman Galaxy

Jianghuai refrigerated truck

Aoling refrigerated truck

Dongfeng refrigerated truck

Spot supply of cold king T-780 T-880 T-980 T-1080 refrigeration unit

The SLXi400 series of direct selling cold king semi trailer units from manufacturers are suitable for the remaining 12 to 15 meters of containers

The American Cold King Generator 452697 is suitable for T-series models with excellent quality and low price

Cold King trailer unit maintenance triple filter factory direct sales good quality and low price

Cold King independent machine maintenance large machine filter 119321 air filter 119059 diesel filter 119341 small machine filter 116182

Cold King independent machine T1000 T800 controller 452376 is suitable for the remaining T1000T800 independent machines

The RV380 and RV580 series compressors specifically designed for direct selling refrigerated trucks by manufacturers have excellent durability and performance

Cold King refrigeration unit electronic oil pump 417059 for T800T900T1000T1100T1200

American Cold King RV580 refrigeration unit

Processing customized aluminum guide rails for the car body, with factory customized dimensions that are sturdy, durable, flexible, and convenient

Manufacturer's direct sales temperature isolation plate, special temperature isolation plate for centralized refrigerated trucks, heavy-duty non shrink refrigerated trucks, temperature partition partition board

Factory Direct Selling Cold King Tablet # TK-60275 American Cold King Tablet Machine Suitable for 12-15 meters

Carrier C500 refrigeration unit, suitable for box length of 4-5 meters

Large quantities of second-hand cold king large plate refrigerated containers, refrigerated containers, and refrigerated warehouses with large wholesale volume are preferred