Fukuda Oman Galaxy

Unit: SET



1. ZF12 transmission, 8 airbag rear axle, 440/2.643 rear axle speed ratio (optional

2.533), LED light, electrically heated front lower mirror, electrically heated exterior rearview mirror, electric adjustment of exterior rearview mirror, electric sunroof, with passenger desk, 850L+150L dual label dual fuel tank, 65L urea tank, multi-functional steering wheel, with cruise control, induction wiper, 12.3-inch liquid crystal combination instrument, MP5 (with multimedia screen), with voltage converter 1000W, 220Ah High performance airbag seat with panoramic view and one button start function (luxury heated ventilation armrest lumbar safety belt adjustment), imported wheels of the whole vehicle, no parking air conditioning (non) Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company tires, Oman 520 horsepower, price: 435000 yuan

2. Central compartment body, pre coated steel plate on the outside, VR plate on the inside, 300mm protective plate around, and aluminum guide on the bottom plate

Rail, single side door price: 80000 yuan